"…investigations and discussions to spur our desire to know, and to assist in the selection of better paths, for the good of ALL."
Waiting in the wings for nearly 2 decades it’s time this blog made it out into the light. What kind of blog is Beyond the Ripples… well, it’s every blog and unlike any blog. That’s the Ripple Effect.
“Did you realize the moment the Ripple began?” “What? How could I? I was mere seconds outside of the placental zone.” “Yes, but the cognitive dissonance, did it record the event for later remembrance?” “What element of metaphysics are you smoking man? There’s no way to remember your own birth. At least I’ve never known […]
Coincidence in RIPPLES occurs at a point of IMPACT by two or more Ripples. This Coincidental collision absorbs and remits energy to both Ripple Sets. Giving the head wave – going in two directions a ‘swelling’ effect. Speed increases. Amplitude follows suit. And new ‘wave of expectation’ grows -seen or unseen. The SWELL becomes the […]
Never mistake an Eddy for a Cesspool… The Ripples flow in short order, nearly impossible to count. Quickly the resonance slows to a pace the numbers become manageable. Soon afterward, the pace slowed to a crawl, and the distance between peaks becomes nearly as imperceptible as the initial counting scheme was to manage. The RIPPLES […]