BTR 04.14.16

Wow .. it has been a while since I’ve published on this blog.  That comes to a sudden halt with the closing end of April 2016. 

Beyond the Ripples (BTR) is set to make a regular appearance here and on three other blog platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more. 

In light of the mission of BTR – ‘to seek the path of where Ripples lead us’ … an activity wholly immersed in the ‘life is an adventure’ mantra — this piece will address a condition that has taken on dire consequences in the United States and will be found affecting -and is already heavily affected- throughout the world:  Education – or more -sadly- appropriate – the Lack of It.

In this mornings postings on one of my Facebook channels, a friend posted an interesting link to an article from the British news source, The Guardian. The article is entitled, “We need fewer exams and more wilderness in education.”. The author, Ben Fogle, deals with the problems found in Britain with kids being kept too confined in their socially-engineered worlds of the current education system.  Anecdotal and now research and statistical data show that today’s graduates are under educated, numbed to learning, illiterate, unimaginative and morosely out-of-touch with the natural world. And in turn, themselves and other humans. 

The article:

A change needs to occur and soon, if we hope to survive the onslaught of the SEES.

Here is the reply I made.

Yes… ANGRY is what the current state of “diseducation” has me feeling. Outright indignation, offended and angry!!!

The ‘system’ is run by social engineers – NOT educators. The purpose, much like that of the Commercial system today – all about profits!

Profits – to the ‘education world’, are seen in the forms of … funding, grants, advancement and eventually…power. It certainly is not about the true course of an education path:

‘Passing on to the next generation both knowledge and the developing understanding, that comes from, inspiring a lifelong love for learning.’

How many kids today .. yearn to learn? That is a truly endangered species…!

The source of the problem lies at the feet of Administrative Management and Government. The two entities that have hijacked education and turned it into a Dystopian engineered monstrosity of waste, corruption and destruction.

This is where the cancer begins. It is also where it should end.

There are many good, qualified and dedicated educators, who are made to suffer this social-engineering of the education process. But there are, as well, many among the ranks of the teaching establishment, who are drunk with the Kool-Aid of ‘Administrative Education’s’ elixir of, “Statisticology”. These have become the educator-zombies, doing the bidding of the leaders of today’s —

Socially Engineered Education System (SEES).

When Politics entered Education, the end of real, worthwhile education -anchored in passing on knowledge and a life-long love for learning- was re-anchored into a channel for extinction.

Kids coming out of these ‘SEES’ indoctrinated systems, are in dire need of a “diseducation” overhaul. Every employer, in nearly every market, has witnessed – painfully – the results on a workforce littered with illiterate entrants.

Ask any employer about the hiring and firing process their HR personnel endure every 90 days. Those willing to be truthful, will enlighten (read: frighten!) you with the stories of hiring people who are overall incapable- beyond a narrow slit of ‘training’. Making it near an impossible task to hire good, qualified, knowledgeable employees.

They have to ‘make do’ with an inferior employee … OR … do what many have done … activate the Green Card Option and import foreign students who are far better educated.

This is a case of the dog biting its own tail in-spite of the pain.

From **Within** is the most damning and damaging source of social destruction. For it is not caused by external influence or trauma, but internal neglect … even outright conscious sabotage.

A very sad state-of-affairs greets us today. Even sadder the ongoing ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ charade is continually bantered and paraded by well-meaning, but richly ignorant supporters.

“We grope along the wall like blind men, We grope like those who have no eyes; We stumble at midday as in the twilight, Among those who are vigorous we are like dead men.” – Isaiah 59:10

One who SEES but is truly blind.

And this, is but the beginning….