BTR 02.01.2012

Beyond The Ripples (BTR) (beyonddaripples on Twitter and associated accounts) is turning up the press action.  BTR has been – albeit sporadic – published on several different platforms.  Carrying many of the same posts – and some specific to a platform.  That type of ‘publication’ will continue, but with a far more regular beat than in the past.
BTR has added Pinterest to its stable of Online Presence Tools (OPT) – with a twist.  Instead of BTR: Pinterest, being solely occupied by the single-category Beyond The Ripples; BTR-Pinterest PINS in four categories, corresponding to four OPT’s, currently directed, produced and published, by the parent, NET500.CG:

  • Beyond The Ripples
  • O’fieldstream
  • i65 Design+Media

Beyond The Ripples … the same eclectic sorties of serendipitous wonder that I’ve been collecting for over 5 years, will now appear on the and
Yes, I know … I am very derelict in my duty of posting regularly, my uncovered treasures.  But, my dereliction has also provided an interesting perspective and blogging opportunity:

  • Older Entries:  normally post-dated – instead – will be added to a specific BTR Blog and BTR-Pinterest.
    • In the archives of BTR captures are several stories – that are time sensitive – meaning they are more historical in nature and thus now being placed in an interestingly different sub-category.
    • The blog a will become the BTR. Archives Revealed blog. High-lighting stories and bits of interest from the ‘old days’ of the Internet … and earlier technologies.
  • Commercial Entries: will now be presented in a BTR: Commerce, sponsored information format [see NOTE below for details on retained integrity!!]
    • At roughly the same time the will become the BTR.Commerce blog. BTR:C will highlight products, services and other commercially interesting information, I find of interest. For the sake of Full Disclosure, I will say that some of the commercial entries found on BTR:C will be promotions for sponsors.
    • A NOTE about potential sponsors on the BTR:C blog:
    • In no way will BTR:C be a whitewash for inferior commercial products or services. Any sponsor BTR:C acquires will be at our choosing and not the result of ‘trolls looking for Internet space’.  Beyond The Ripples is a ‘SNEEZER’ .. NOT a ‘Wheezer’. Our commitment to serendipity finds remain the same.  Even if the finds appearing on BTR:C are less serendipitous and more advantageous, you can be confident BTR is looking after it’s own legitimacy in order to remain relevant, legitimate and valuable to you the BTR reader.

YOSAKIME … is an OPT I write personally about my struggle with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity); a growing disorder that is the result of a compromised immune system, no longer capable of buffering against the onslaught of the chemical wash humanity is forced to live, eat and breath. Much of humanity is already in its grasp and they don’t even know it.

My hope is to help the growing MCS community educate the rest of  humanity before it’s too late.

BTR.YOSAKIME  will highlight information I glean from my serendipitous Internet finds, as well as from information sent directly to me, by various news, health and personal sources worldwide.
For more information on the YOSAKIME OPT, read the YOSAKIME.posterous page.

O’fieldstream … is another OPT I write about the topic of Nature, Outdoors, Environment, Heritage, Activies.  The focus is primarily on the Outdoor Heritage Activities, listed on this page at the O’fieldstream Journals (OFSJ) blog.  This is a site devoted to all elements of the Outdoor Heritage Activities: agreeable and disagreeable with portions of society.  This site is not politically-correct, nor will become such. OFSJ deals with the reality of nature and the proven actions of mankind’s balanced interactions with it. Keyword: Balanced.  This is the purpose of OFSJ, to provide a return platform for ‘balanced interaction with nature’.  Both sides of many issues, have gotten off-track.  Everyone is paying for this unproductive and unnecessary deviation.
Items PINed on BTR.Ofieldstream will be interesting tidbits of information gleaned from my Internet journeys, from my own writings and from information sent to me from a variety of sources online.

i65 Design+Media  (i65D+M) … is and OPT that forms the business end of my online presence.  As a graphic designer, site developer, publisher and marketer – I decided to hang my shingle out in public a few months back. Up until now, I’ve been exclusively dedicated to a few accounts I have nurtured over the years.  With CHANGE comes CHANGE.  As the tag-line for my parent-umbrella entity states:  Know Ripples, Know Change.  No Ripples, No Change.  
On i65D+M.Pintrest you will find interesting bit on design, photography, technology, illustration, publishing, marketing … all the elements of my interests developed over the years in the design field.

OK.  There you have it. The explanation for the new Faces of BTR.  I hope this will prove and enjoyable … and hopefully valuable … publication of information for you and your readers, clients, colleagues and friends.  

Do let us know what you think of the idea and what we PIN on the BTR.Pinterest site.  


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