BTR 10.23.09 – Leadership

From the perspective of history, comes this article, found in the stacks of Inc. magazine, comes a bit of a timely, useful and much needed shot of information. Dare I say it even contains a healthy dose of wisdom? Yes on both counts; I do and there is.

With the vantage of 2 years of hindsight, might we not learn from our recent history, that the following article has some real merit? It’s workting for those who practice; it doesn’t for those who don’t. Can we not draw a clear conclusion? If not, what – other than ego – stands in the way of clarity..? I submit whatever it is should be removed before permanent damage results.

I _really_ suggest this be a slow and deliberate read. Re-read it – whether you think it’s necessary or not. It is!

In Praise of Selflessness
Why the best leaders are servants

By Leigh Buchanan | May 1, 2007 Inc. Magazine


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